A Season for Growth at Yoga Libre

A few weekends ago, some yoga friends and I attended a 3-day yoga workshop in Punta Gorda taught by one of my all-time favorite and respected teachers, Tias Little. I had been really looking forward to Tias’ visit and the opportunity to be a student for the past year. And after looking forward to it for so long, I at first found myself, ironically enough, really distracted and unable to enjoy being there. I felt fidgety and unfocused. I told myself I “had” to have my phone nearby in case there was an emergency (granted, there’s been a lot of those lately), and although it was on silent, I checked it frequently. On the second day, the tears started to flow. Not the sobbing, gut-wrenching kind, but the slowly trickling into your ears when you lie on your back kind. They were gentle, but steady. I became aware of my exhaustion -- the kind you get when you’ve been fighting back grief for so long. I worried the grief was a bottomless pit and I would never get out. I worried the flow of tears would be never-ending. I was sure I’d have swimmer’s ear by the end of the workshop. On the third day, the tears were still there, but only intermittently. And I became aware of something underneath the grief, underneath the exhaustion. It seemed familiar, but at first I wasn’t sure what it was. And when I finally got a minute to myself, I remembered its name. Gratitude. I found myself overwhelmed with gratitude. I was grateful for Tias and his teachings; I was grateful for yoga in general and for my own yoga mat, in particular. I was grateful I was able to attend the workshop; I was grateful for all my yoga friends and students; I was grateful for my great husband who told me to cry as long as I needed to. And I realized I’m grateful that I’m able to take care of my father even though it’s hard and nerve-wracking and stressful. It’s caused me a lot of pain because it’s required me to grow in innumerable ways. I don’t think growth has to be painful, but I do think it requires looking at things a new way. And we don’t have to be afraid of growth, because it gives us the opportunity realize our potential. Even the smallest acorn has the potential to be a mighty oak. “Libre” means freedom, so I will leave you with this quote from Nagarjuna. What is inside is me, What is outside is mine---- When these thoughts end… Freedom dawns. Hope to see you on your mat very soon.

Find Your Inner Fierceness After 50 at Yoga Libre

Yoga Libre is Sarasota’s premier yoga studio for students over 50. Classes for the serious student and the yoga curious. No beer, no goats, no hammocks -- get grounded in yoga instruction that strengthens your body and empowers your spirit. Retirement opens up your schedule. Use the time to improve balance, create peace of mind, meet nice people and discover your inner wisdom.

Based in Sarasota, Florida, Yoga Libre offers yoga instruction for people of all ages who are interested in alignment-based yoga. Get older, not stiffer! Yoga Libre is the place to strengthen your body, find flexibility, and learn techniques for stress relief that really work.

Offering Mixed Levels, Gentle Yoga, Yoga Basics, and Body Rolling, Yoga Libre students empower themselves to feel good by listening to their bodies and learning how to safely expand their physical boundaries. 

​Don’t get frail, get free from age limitations! Yoga Libre specializes in teaching students how to go far, rather than worrying about how far they can go.

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