Thank You!

Dear Friends & Students,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have become Yoga Libre members so you could take advantage of all the yoga videos and live stream classes, and those of you who have continued to buy class passes and drop-ins. While we are currently unable to use the studio for group classes, the monthly bills for the space continue as if the world hasn’t been put on hold. My lease requires that I continue to make monthly payments. My liability insurance is up for renewal this month, and the electric company and other utilities are still expecting payment. Any business owner knows the dozens of little expenses that no one ever sees.

My outside of the studio classes normally help fund Yoga Libre, and that income has disappeared. Lots of people are in the same boat. This is a difficult time for practically everyone.

I’m so glad that many of you are practicing at home and sharing your practice with your spouses, children, and even your pets! It is because of your generosity that Yoga Libre will continue to offer you consistent, accessible yoga. It is because of you that there will be a studio to return to when it’s safe for us all to practice yoga together in person once more.

I hope you can feel the warmth of my gratitude through whatever screen you’re reading this from!

Join Me for Happy Hour on Zoom!

Please join me and all your yoga friends this Thursday, April 23 at 6pm on Zoom just to chat and catch up. Grab a beverage, sit somewhere comfy and catch up with the Yoga Libre Kula (community). Can’t wait to hang out and actually get to hear what you’re saying! No yoga mat required ;)

Find Your Inner Fierceness After 50 at Yoga Libre

Yoga Libre is Sarasota’s premier yoga studio for students over 50. Classes for the serious student and the yoga curious. No beer, no goats, no hammocks -- get grounded in yoga instruction that strengthens your body and empowers your spirit. Retirement opens up your schedule. Use the time to improve balance, create peace of mind, meet nice people and discover your inner wisdom.

Based in Sarasota, Florida, Yoga Libre offers yoga instruction for people of all ages who are interested in alignment-based yoga. Get older, not stiffer! Yoga Libre is the place to strengthen your body, find flexibility, and learn techniques for stress relief that really work.

Offering Mixed Levels, Gentle Yoga, Yoga Basics, and Body Rolling, Yoga Libre students empower themselves to feel good by listening to their bodies and learning how to safely expand their physical boundaries. 

​Don’t get frail, get free from age limitations! Yoga Libre specializes in teaching students how to go far, rather than worrying about how far they can go.

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