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The Language of Lockdown Yoga

The language of yoga is Sanskrit. Found in the scriptures of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, this Vedic and classical language dating back to 1200 BC is one of the oldest known languages in the world. The Sanskrit names of yoga poses (asanas) are required learning for yoga teachers in training, and this can present quite the challenge as its spelling and grammatical rules are as confounding as its pronunciation.

It’s not easy to learn a new language, but it is extremely worthwhile. Long before I started studying Sanskrit, I believed in the power that words and syllables possess. They are the keys to allow people to understand each other! I was enthralled by words, first as a reader, then as a writer who majored in journalism in college. I love teaching yoga because I love using words to forge connections between people and their own bodies, and I love how words can inspire both universal actions and emotions.

As we have made this transition to practicing yoga together virtually, I’m noticing the need to study yet another language, a language of technology, which provides the means to doing yoga together in the modern world right now. I find myself writing the same email to multiple people. Sometimes I’m explaining the difference between the livestreaming classes and the online videos. Sometimes I’m differentiating between Zoom, the app that enables us to have a virtual yoga class “meeting”, and Wix, the platform on which my website is built. Some of you are much more fluent in this language than I am, but the following may help clarify for the rest of us the difference in the options available to participate in Yoga Libre yoga classes, videos and guided programs. I’m a student of this language as much as you are, so let’s learn it together.

Livestream versus Yoga Videos

I offer two types of online classes. I have a library of yoga videos that you can do at your convenience -- sometimes referred to as Video on Demand (VOD)-- and I also offer livestream yoga classes on Zoom four times/week. Zoom classes happen in real time, but they are recorded and uploaded to my website within a week. As a Yoga Libre member, you will automatically get invitations to the Zoom classes and you CAN attend them live via Zoom, but if you can’t join us at that time, you can just go to the website and practice with recorded versions at your convenience.

Difficulty Getting into a Livestream Class on Zoom

Many people have reportedly experienced difficulty logging into a Zoom class, even after they received their registration confirmation. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the following suggestions may make it easier in the future.

  1. Log on 15 minutes before class to make sure you can get on well in time before class starts. I myself try to log on 10-15 minutes prior to class start.

  2. Make sure you have updated your Zoom app to the latest version. Zoom is continually updating in order to enhance security, and I have found updating makes it much easier to get into the “meeting”.

  3. Make sure you registered for the right date/time of the class.

  4. If you’re still having problems and it’s before the class start time, text or email me and I can resend your Zoom confirmation email.

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