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Seeking the Answers Within

The calendar tells me it’s September, although I feel stuck in time somewhere in mid-March. I thought we’d surely know more by now about how to live in the “interesting” time in which we find ourselves. Yet we seem to be going around in circles, talking about the same things we did then. But then again, the fact that there’s been no guidance or insight is perhaps the sign we’ve learned the most important thing of all. Any sense or wisdom we seek is not going to come from any external source. The answers lie within.

Lessons are the experiences that help you learn and seek the answers within. My lessons these days are coming from multiple sources: my physical body, my kitty’s allergies, a pared-back schedule, and virtual yoga. I participated via Zoom in a 2-week online training, which gave me new insight to the experience of being a student in a virtual yoga class. One of my takeaways was how I could make it a better experience for all of you by making the lighting in my Zoom classes brighter.

With Mark’s help, I have recently upgraded my computer so I can utilize an app that enables me to shoot videos with a lot less light and still look bright. Let me know if you are noticing an improvement in the video quality.

Another of my recent musings is on how I can make teaching online more of an interactive experience. Group classes are great, but I miss the connection of working with people one-to-one and tailoring a practice to the person. So I’m launching two new services this month: Zoom Yoga Private Sessions and the Custom Personal Yoga Home Practice. You’ll find details about these services and how you can sign up below. I’m really excited to interact more personally the safest way we can right now.

My birthday is October 2nd, and I’d like to host my own virtual birthday party at 6pm on Thursday, October 1. Please join me online, it’s the next best thing to actually celebrating in person. I’ll be sending a link later this month. I hope you can make it!

Drop me a line and let me know what lessons are presenting themselves to you lately and what your inner wisdom is telling you. Let’s keep teaching each other how to navigate this life with joy and love.

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