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Fly With Me

When I get inspired, I feel like I can fly. I get so buoyed by excitement and possibility, I can imagine my feet lifting off the ground. No wings necessary.

Yoga inspires me, and certain poses just feel like flying. I’m talking Half Moon pose with your back against the wall. Try it and tell me I’m wrong. I dare you!

What poses make you feel like you’re flying? I’m dying to know.

The other thing that inspires me is you. I’m always trying to give my students more yoga and more fun. So I really appreciate the feedback you gave in my recent survey.

Here’s what you told me:

60% of you are interested in some shorter (15-30 minute) live stream classes

79% would like some body rolling classes/on-demand videos

69% want a combination of yoga and body rolling together

88% who don’t have a Yoga Libre membership would like a Summer Membership option

The two most requested times for live stream classes are 6 pm & 10 am

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements based on what you asked for.

Thanks for flying with me. You are the wind beneath my wings.

If you haven’t yet answered the survey, you can do so here until May 26, 2022.


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