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Lean Into the Light

The longer days of summer occur because the earth tilts on its axis bringing the Northern hemisphere closer to the sun. I love it when it stays light until 9pm. I feel energized, like a solar battery.

I’m leaning into the season by spending more time outside and by creating lots of new content for the Yoga Libre video library. Look for new body rolling and stretch channels (called Collections) featuring shorter videos and anatomy-specific content. I’m also putting the final touches on the plans for my upcoming sold-out retreat in Horse Shoe, NC called Yoga & More in the Mountains. We’ll be visiting waterfalls, hiking, & going to Shakespeare in the Park, all in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. I'm hoping to make it an annual event. Want to come next year? Get on the waitlist by shooting me an email.

What will you do with your longer days? Hope you can make the most of your summer by spending time doing what you love with the people you love.

The light in me salutes the light in you. Make it a great season.


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