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Quasimo - No!

Feeling a bit like a hunchback after a long day? Join the club.

Luckily, just a few stretches can have you standing tall once more. I like a combination of active and passive stretches.

Do Warrior 1 with Cactus Arms. Push up into the easiest Cobra pose ever by placing a bolster or rolled-up blankets under your navel. It feels so good, you can even stay awhile! And at the end of the day, unwind for several minutes in a passive chest opener over a rolled blanket.

Feel taller? Check. Breathing better? Check. Less depressed? You bet.

If home is where the heart is, use yoga on the daily to help make a spacious dwelling for yours. For in the words of Canadian author Madeleine Thien, “I like to think of home as a verb, something we keep recreating.”

Try a Yoga Libre 2-Week trial membership for just $20! You’ll get access to a video library containing hundreds of classes, plus invitations to the four livestream classes with new themes offered weekly. Can’t wait to see you online :)


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