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Yoga Libre in-studio classes temporarily canceled due to COVID-19. Please join us for online classes!


Yoga Libre yogis are smart. We’re staying home and staying safe, but keeping up with our practice and with each other. How? With livestream classes on Zoom, guided and focused video yoga series, and Yoga Libre Membership that provides access to an extensive yoga video library.

You Can Stay Safe and Still
Practice Yoga.

There are two ways to pay for livestream classes on Zoom. You can purchase a class pass or a Yoga Libre Membership. Either way, when you provide your email address, you will automatically receive invitations to all four of our weekly livestream classes. Invitations are usually sent the day before class.

You DO NOT have to pay for a zoom subscription, but you will have to sign up and use their free service.

Can’t attend class live? All livestream classes are recorded and uploaded to the already well-stocked video library on the website. This ensures you have the opportunity and means to practice when the time is right for you.

New in February! Pop-up Yoga in the Park

Thursdays, 10-11am 
Starting Feb. 3, 2021

(This class will replace Yoga in the Courtyard at Rosemary Square)

Who needs walls? When you live in Paradise, like we do, nature is your yoga studio!

Join me each Thursday at a different, scenic outdoor location in Sarasota. We’ll travel to different parks, ponds, fields, meadows, and beaches. Discover new parts of your city. Experience the excitement of a speakeasy that’s good for you, totally legal, and you're allowed to tell people! 

I will email each Thursday’s location at the beginning of the week to those who “sign up” for the Thursday notices by clicking here to send me an email. This week's class will be held at.... (The email will let you know!)

Here’s the best part: You can “pay” for this class by deducting from your Yoga Libre class passes that have been on hold since March 2020 when the studio closed! Drop-ins are also welcome at the rate of $20. 

Please wear clothing appropriate to the weather, sunscreen and sunglasses, and bring your mat, props, and water as the class will be held outside. We will try to social distance as much as possible. Masks are strongly encouraged.

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Restorative Yoga Collection #1: Practices for Stress Relief, Neck Pain, Better Breathing & Insomnia

A Yoga Libre Guided Series

  • Creates a specific physiological response that can decrease the effects of stress

  • Decreases autonomic nervous system activity – heartrate, blood pressure, alertness & muscle tension

  • Increases the body’s parasympathetic functions like digestion, elimination, growth, & repair

Find Your Inner Fierceness After 50 at Yoga Libre

Yoga Libre is Sarasota’s premier yoga studio for students over 50. Classes for the serious student and the yoga curious. No beer, no goats, no hammocks -- get grounded in yoga instruction that strengthens your body and empowers your spirit. Retirement opens up your schedule. Use the time to improve balance, create peace of mind, meet nice people and discover your inner wisdom.

Based in Sarasota, Florida, Yoga Libre offers yoga instruction for people of all ages who are interested in alignment-based yoga. Get older, not stiffer! Yoga Libre is the place to strengthen your body, find flexibility, and learn techniques for stress relief that really work.

Offering Mixed Levels, Gentle Yoga, Yoga Basics, and Body Rolling, Yoga Libre students empower themselves to feel good by listening to their bodies and learning how to safely expand their physical boundaries. 

​Don’t get frail, get free from age limitations! Yoga Libre specializes in teaching students how to go far, rather than worrying about how far they can go.

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