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Nancy's life mission is to provide education about whole foods nutrition and lifestyle strategies that support wellness and healthy aging. As a holistic health consultant, Nancy is constantly striving to find new ways to demonstrate the connection between health and nutrition, and the need for people to take an active role in promoting their own health and well-being.

What is holistic nutrition? 
It is a way of eating that recognizes the fact that our bodies are equipped with innate healing processes. By supporting these natural processes, I believe clients can safely achieve ongoing health and vitality. Knowing that each person arrived at their current health status due to a combination of genetics, lifestyle, and environment, I strive to help people resolve physical, mental, and emotional issues in order to honor the complexity of the human system. Illness and disease are a signal from the body that it needs help and attention to return to its desired state of health. The natural approaches I recommend are intended to empower each individual to partner with his or her body and assist in its return to wellness. 

Biochemical Individuality
Recognizing that every person is biochemically unique, I understand that everyone will respond differently to diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations. Together we will work to develop a personal protocol that is personally designed for you.

Personalized Food & Lifestyle Protocols including a yoga home-practice
Weekly menu creation & In-home meal preparation
Healthy food preparation & healthy cooking instruction
Nutritional supplementation recommendations
Evaluation of current diet
Step-by-step guidance on how to transition to a healthier lifestyle
Grocery Store Tour & Shopping Assistance
In-house Pantry Reorganization
Detoxification guidance
Elimination Diet Supervision to Ease Candida, Arthritis, Allergies, Auto-Immune Issues, Migraines, etc. 

Personal Protocol
You will be asked for more detailed information concerning your health history, your living environment, your current medications, and kinds of stress to which you are subjected. Nancy will ask you to keep a food journal for 3-4 days and to e-mail it to her prior to your conversation. She will review and analyze the nutritional content of your meals, furnishing you with a breakdown of your current diet’s nutritional strengths and weaknesses. Based on this profile, Nancy can then formulate a list of personalized steps you can take to achieve your individual health goals.

After you and Nancy collaborate to determine your health goals, you will also set up some parameters to measure your progress. The protocol you receive is designed for you to follow for an indicated period of time. Once you receive your protocol, you will have a 50-minute follow-up with Nancy again after 3-4 weeks time to see if you are managing to implement the protocol easily and smoothly.

Your Personal Protocol will include:

• An initial 90-minute one-on-one consultation
• An in-person or phone explanation of your Personal Protocol – 30 minutes
• Development & delivery of a 2-phase Personal Protocol including:
A binder containing multiple specific suggestions in 5 areas of Natural Health – Diet, Supplements, Botanicals, Exercise, Stress Management; Nancy’s personal double-check of drug/herb/supplement interactions*; Meal plans and menu suggestions
• A 50-minute follow-up to clarify to measure your progress and/or ask for help on how best to implement Nancy’s recommendations plus instructions on how and when to implement Phase 2 of your protocol

*Anyone taking prescription medications should always double check with their physicians before taking any vitamin or mineral supplement. Nancy will provide you with a form to give/fax to your doctor outlining the recommended supplements, dosages, and reasoning for them.

Nutritional Follow-up Calls
A personal protocol only works if it’s something you can follow. It’s normal to have some setbacks or obstacles when you’re moving away from old patterns of behavior and establishing new habits. A follow-up is often necessary to clarify a suggestion or get another suggestion that’s more in keeping with your lifestyle.

Two follow-up calls are included with the Personal Protocol, but sometimes additional ones are desired. Perhaps you invested in the Holistic Hour and would like a little more guidance. E-mail Nancy to schedule and Nutritional Follow-up Call and get some valuable coaching on how to transform your health and improve your well-being.

Grocery Store Tour for Healthier Shopping
Pricing applicable for individuals or for a small group of up to five people.

Confused about which cooking oil to use? Wondering if you’re really buying the healthiest options available? Meet Nancy at the grocery store of your choice to avoid processed and refined foods, learn how to locate healthy items on the grocery store shelves so you can stock your pantry with healthful ingredients. Having healthy options around the house makes for healthier cooking and snacking, i.e. a healthier you!

This 1-hour outing gives you the knowledge and confidence to make more informed and healthier choices for you and your family members.

There may be an additional cost for fuel and travel time, depending on your location.


Smarter Health Food Store Shopping
Pricing applicable for an individual or a small group of up to five people.

Now that there are certain groceries you will regularly consume that you can only buy at the health food store, you could use a guide to show you where to find what you need, and point out some other items of interest. Have Nancy meet you at The Granary, Whole Foods, Richard’s, or Good Earth and give you a personalized tour. Not all the products in a health food store are healthy. Learn which are the real deal and which are imposters! More importantly, learn which ones are right for you

Nancy’s recommendations turned my hair from straw to silk in a matter of weeks. Ordering products from the Yoga Libre website at a discount made it easy to get started. Thank you, Nancy!


- CG


I've been taking yoga and getting nutrition info from Nancy Zampella for 8 years. I've had many good yoga teachers but none even approach Nancy for effectiveness. I can't recommend her highly enough.

- Bud B.



Nancy is the consummate yoga professional. I have been taking her beginner yoga classes and can always rely on her to suggest alternatives to avoid injury. Her explanations of how the various poses benefit your body are excellent. She is holistically knowledgeable. Her studio is immaculate, serene and very well equipped.

- Linda S.



From my first class many years ago to the present, Nancy has been my "comfort food" yoga. Feeling at home in her lovely, serene studio Yoga Libre makes a big difference in my yoga experience. Our yoga sessions are alway a consideration of the group dynamic, which can vary from energetic to gentle/restorative. Body rolling workshops are always full because of Nancy's gentle guidance. She is caring and informative about injuries, but it's Nancy's sharing her own feelings on yoga & life that keep us all hungry for more!


- Patty R.



Nancy is an amazing and empowering instructor. Her teaching skills permit even beginners like me

to feel the benefits of yoga.


- Barry B.


Nancy is the best yoga teacher with whom I have studied. I have been a student of yoga for over 30 years and a student of Nancy's for the last 7 years. . Her loving energy and attention to alignment make yoga wonderful for each of her students. She is an old and wise soul.


- Myrna U.


First time doing any type of yoga! Nancy is a wonderful instructor! Love it!


- Stephanie C.



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