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Mixed Levels




Mixed Levels




Mixed Levels

1-2 pm 


Benefits of Yoga Libre Membership


When you become a member, you get instant access to a library of hundreds of Yoga Libre instructional videos, and invitations to 3 livestreaming classes a week. 

  • Hundreds of 1-hour long yoga class videos, suitable for all levels (beginner to advanced)

  • Additional videos varying in length from 5 minutes to over 60 minutes

  • Dedicated topic channels for easy access to a specific practice

  • New video classes added weekly

  • Automatic invitations to three 1-hour livestream classes per week

  • Check-ins with Nancy and fellow students before and after livestream classes

  • Studio-quality classes for as little as $1.50 per day! (annual membership price)

  • Practice in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere

  • Watch on your computer, tv, phone, or tablet

  • Develop a consistent home yoga practice

  • Start your FREE 1 day trial with a Monthly Membership Today!

  • Try it out for 2 weeks for just $22

Class Descriptions


Mixed Levels

A complete practice suitable for practitioners of all levels. Modifications and options will be suggested so that every student will be able to participate and challenge him/herself. Each week a different anatomical or pose focus will be explored. 

Body Rolling - Periodic Workshops

Roll your body out like dough on various small balls, stretching and elongating your muscles, dislodging tensions and discomfort, releasing myofascia, increasing blood flow, and promoting healing. Learn how to increase circulation and create a practice to help counteract the effects of gravitational pull on our bones & muscles. A great complementary practice to yoga, myofascial release may just be the key to longevity & functionality!

Process & Etiquette for Yoga Libre Livestream Classes on Zoom

  1. Invitations to join Yoga Libre’s livestream classes will be sent to Yoga Libre Members the day before the class and contain a link to allow you to register on Zoom. If you are not a member but use a class card to attend the virtual classes, please make sure I know your desire to register the day before class so I can send you an invitation.

  2. Once you register, you will get a confirmation email from Zoom, not me, that will give you the link to join the class. Please check your Spam folder if you don’t receive the confirmation email from Zoom in a timely manner. If you don’t receive it in a couple of hours, please email me and I will have Zoom resend you the confirmation.

  3. Please log into the class meeting on Zoom about 10-15 minutes before the scheduled class time to make sure you can get in. I’ve been getting texts and emails from people telling me they can’t log on, but since they were sent at the time the class is scheduled, I didn’t see the message until after class was over. Once I’ve started class, I won’t be able to resend your confirmation.

  4. I’m delighted that your pets are practicing with you, but if you have dogs that may bark at all during class, or birds that might chirp, or any other noise-making pets, please mute your microphone on Zoom so that others may enjoy the instruction and especially Savasana in peace.

  5. Similarly, please mute your phones or turn off your home phone’s ringer before class begins. If you have a roommate or a noisy appliance in your home, please practice in a different room from them/it and shut the door to the room before class begins so those noises won’t disturb the other class participants. You also have the option on Zoom to mute your computer's microphone at the start of class.

Thank you for your consideration!


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