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Better Than Normal

After eight weeks of varying levels of lockdown and social distancing, I have made a mental shift. I don’t really want things to just return to the way they were, I want them to be better. I bet you do too.

Making things better means doing things differently. The livestream classes are a great example of this, and I plan to continue with them even after it feels safe to offer in-person classes.

I’ve been working on another way to make things better that I’m calling Yoga Libre’s Focused, Guided Practices. Designed to accelerate your abilities and get you closer to your desired goal in a relatively quick time-frame, the first of this series is now available: Four Weeks to Happy, Healthy Hips! Check out all the details below. I’ve been working on this project for weeks now. I hope you like it.

Oh, and here’s more good news: the Tuesday 4-5pm Gentle Yoga class is now officially added to the Yoga Libre schedule of livestream classes. See the full schedule of classes below.

Drop me a line and tell me how you’re making things better than the old normal. I'm so interested and excited to hear your ideas.

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