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The Good Amidst the Bad

I can’t believe we’re already in mid-July. Half of 2020 is gone, and I’m tempted to say “good riddance!” While I can’t bring myself to think it’s been a good year, I can’t help but notice good things in the midst of the bad. So many of you have made the shift to practicing yoga online when you could have just stopped practicing altogether. You quickly adapted to livestream classes and practicing with Yoga Libre videos. Your ability to make that shift allowed me to keep Yoga Libre open when so many other yoga studios across the country have had to close. Thank you. Many of you have written to tell me that because you’ve made the shift to practicing with the Yoga Libre videos, you’re practicing more often and have a thriving home yoga practice! I’m so grateful and humbled and proud of all we’ve accomplished and it motivates me to provide you with even more yoga content and to find better ways of delivering it. And so, we’ve been busy little elves, hard at work here in our little treehouse. (Remember the Keebler cookie jingle?) We’ve been cooking up some new stuff and it’s finally ready! I’m really excited to share the goodies with all of you. First of all, we’ve given the Yoga Libre website an overhaul to make it much easier to navigate. You’ll notice it only refers to online yoga and body rolling, as I don’t anticipate it being safe to return to in-studio classes anytime soon. Yoga Libre members can easily find where to login and access the video library or the Guided Series of their choice. All of the membership pricing and class pass payment information is now in the same place. We’re updating the blog with all the email newsletters I’ve sent out this past year, and eliminated outdated information. Now that we’re officially an online yoga studio, please consider recommending Yoga Libre to your yogi friends locally and beyond. Yoga Libre is now, more than ever, ready to spread yoga know-how the way a dandelion propagates by floating through the air. You can admire the new website by by taking a look around while you're here. I’m thrilled to introduce a new Focused, Guided 4-Week Series called Longer Hamstrings in Four Weeks. I’ve included a body rolling component in addition to yoga stretches for this new series, as I’ve personally found this an effective combination to create more ease in forward bending. Together, these modalities helped me break up scar tissue from an old hamstring tear and free the myofascia (connective tissue) surrounding the hamstring muscles, and the result was a permanent change in my ability to forward bend. As before, for a limited time the special introductory price is just $39. But hurry, before this 40% off deal ends. You can find all the details below. Thanks to the feedback I received on the Four Weeks to Happy Hips guided series, we’ve kept the practices short (36 minutes or less). And for those who enjoy interacting on social media, we renamed the Facebook Group the Yoga Libre Guided Yoga Program Practitioners so those who want to can communicate or ask questions there about any of the Guided Series. I’m missing you all and would love to hear from you. Let me know if you’re finding any good things in the midst of the bad. Anyone interested in another Zoom Happy Hour? Let me know by shooting me an email.

Sending you warm hugs and cool breezes.

Longer Hamstrings in Four Weeks A Yoga Libre Focused, Guided 4-Week Series​

  • Helps lengthen tight, shortened hamstring muscles

  • Fosters greater flexibility

  • Encourages greater mobility to prevent injury

Weekly classes are great for maintaining strength and flexibility, but focused, guided home practice can accelerate your abilities and get you closer to a desired goal in a relatively quick time-frame. Are short, tight hamstrings causing you back pain and preventing you from making progress in certain yoga poses? Let me show you how to make them longer, freer and more flexible in just 4 weeks.

Combining the complementary modalities of yoga & body rolling, this course will provide an introduction to the basic forward bending concepts of moving the sitting bones back and pressing the fronts of the thighs to the backs of them to actively lengthen the hamstrings. You’ll get explanations of how to modify poses and use props so that this practice can work for people of all ages and abilities. Discover the parts of the body you can roll to create long-lasting changes in flexibility and range of motion.

Course objectives:

  • Helps lengthen tight, shortened hamstring muscles

  • Fosters greater flexibility

  • Encourages greater mobility to prevent injury

  • Helps prevent and relieve low back pain caused by tight hamstrings and too much sitting

  • Releases myofascia in legs, feet and abdomen to promote greater ease in stretching

  • Increases ability to perform more difficult yoga poses

  • Aids in preventing injuries caused by muscular imbalances

  • Provides alignment tools that will help with all physical endeavors, not just yoga

What do you get when you choose this practice course?

  • A 30-day plan designed to get you from where you are now to the end goal

  • A calendar of scheduled work/rest days

  • Weekly asana sequence videos to guide you through that week’s practice

  • A printable PDF of each asana sequence so you can follow along with the video and then use for self-guided practices

  • Suggested modifications and instruction on how to use props to minimize the risk of injury

  • Ability to ask questions via email and social media in a private Facebook Group called Yoga Libre Guided Yoga Program Practitioners

  • Option to interact on social media with others following the same course

  • A printable PDF highlighting common misalignments that may result in discomfort and how to modify accordingly (available in the private Facebook Group Yoga Libre Guided Yoga Program Practitioners)

Step 1: Purchase the Course and Choose whether or not your want to join the Yoga Libre Guided Yoga Program Practitioners Facebook Group. The Facebook Group provides a venue where you can ask questions, get moral support, and interact with others who have similar goals and challenges. It’s a great and safe way to have a shared experience. Step 2: Begin & Follow the Course Step 3: Interact as much or as little as you choose on Facebook Normally $65, but the 40% off introductory offer means it's just $39 for a limited time! But hurry, this price won't be available forever.

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