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Brain Gym

One of my teaching mentors once told me that in order to understand what beginners to yoga are experiencing, I should regularly try new activities. The advice was priceless.

I just recently got trekking poles. They have made walking – something I’ve been doing successfully for over half a century – an activity I had to really think about and concentrate on. Moving opposite limbs simultaneously (cross crawl) is something we naturally do as babies when we start crawling. And it is the foundation of something called brain gym.

Brain gym has been proven to improve their memory, attention, and confidence and delay Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Exercises like cross crawl and ankle touch help improve balance and coordination. In yoga classes this week, we incorporated a lot of brain gym exercises, improving the plasticity of body and mind. Yoga Libre Members can watch here.

Take up a new activity. Don’t be afraid of appearing uncoordinated. Your bravery will be rewarded with a better body AND a smarter brain. Meanwhile, I’ll be working on my pole technique.

The forever student in me salutes the one in you. Namaste

Revised Summer Schedule

Due to a lack of attendance, the AM Stretch and PM Stretch 1/2 -hour livestream Zoom classes will be discontinued. I will, however, continue to record shorter stretch sessions and post them in the Yoga Libre video library where members can watch them.

Going forward, the Summer Schedule of Livestream yoga classes will be as follows:

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

4:30-5:30pm 1-2pm 10-11am

Gentle Yoga Basics Mixed Levels


Mixed Levels


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