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Invest in Yoga

When I started doing yoga 30-plus years ago, I sometimes worried I didn’t have something “tangible” to show for all the time and effort I put into it. Artists had artwork, runners had medals & trophies. The fruits of my labors were not obvious at first to the visible eye.

But soon I noticed I didn’t catch every cold going around the office. When the long hours at work made my colleagues exhausted, I seemed to have more energy than they did. My emotions were no longer on a roller coaster ride.

These early dividends have multiplied since I kept investing in yoga. With compounded interest, my balance is better than it would have been. I sleep well most of the time. I can easily get up and down from the floor without pain. I’m not on any medications.

Like putting money in the stock market, yoga will give you bigger dividends the longer you do it. All week, people have shared with me how yoga has rewarded them in a multitude of ways (anti-aging, avoiding injury, delaying surgery, growing taller, etc.) It makes me feel very rich indeed.

Keep investing in yoga. Find more ways and opportunities to practice. Buy yourself a good mat and nice props. Purchase self-massage tools. Take advantage of the Yoga Libre Summer Special, if you're not already a member.

I hope that you too feel wealthy in terms of yoga’s payoff. My inner abundance salutes yours, Namaste!


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