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Mountain State of Mind

Yoga poses aren’t destinations. They are a means to getting into different states of consciousness.

When we come into Mountain pose, we attentively align our physical form to create the utmost stability. We adjust to find Samasthiti, equal standing, representing full engagement of mindfulness and skill. And then we endeavor to bring that sense of equal standing to all the other poses. So that the overall effect of the practice is a grounded, calm abiding.

May your practice leave you feeling steadfast.

Reminder: No Livestream Classes July 26-28

I’ll be leading my retreat next week. Please practice with one of the many videos in the Yoga Libre library. Livestream classes will return August 2.

Cast Your Vote!

The two ½-hour stretch classes (Weds 10am & Thurs 6pm) have not been well attended. I’m considering making a change.

Would you prefer a 1-hour yoga class in these time slots?

Would you attend a Gentle Yoga on Thursdays at 4:30pm?

Would you attend a1/2-hour AM Stretch at 9am?

Do you have another day/time slot you’d prefer?

Please click here to send me an email and let me know your preference. Your input is greatly appreciated.


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