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Reverent Repetition

This past 2sday’s date was 2/22/22. It was fun to see all those repeating 2s. It reminded me that repetition can be a wonderful part of a yoga practice, when we bring along an attitude of reverence.

Muscles love repetition. It heats them up, bringing them circulation & oxygen. Muscles have memory, which repetition cements so that you become more skillful over time with less effort.

But repetition may lead to boredom. Familiarity can make us blase, and we run the risk of doing yoga on autopilot.

Reverent repetition is hard to come by for modern yogis. With too many options to choose from and never-ending distractions, we grow bored easily and crave the new. (Yoga with goats! Beer yoga! Aerial yoga!)

Forgo the goats and quiet the mind with a repetitive sequence like Sun or Moon Salutations. Try a “ladder flow” where you add a posture every time. This practice builds stamina, heat, endurance and flexibility. It can help you feel physically energized and mentally calmer.

Yoga Libre members always have ready access anytime to that Om feeling. There are videos for “Saluting the Moon”, “Groundhog Day & Ladder Flows”, "Reverent Repetition" and many more.

Get a 2-week trial membership for just $22 and practice them all. Or purchase the 16-minute long "Saluting the Moon: An Indonesian Immersion" for just $22 and be transported to Bali for your daily dose of tranquility. It's a win-win, either way.

Looking forward to seeing you on your mat, again and again.


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