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A Yoga Libre Focused, Guided 4-Week Series

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Course Info


Nancy Zampella, MS, E-RYT, has been a full-time yoga educator since 2001, helping her students reap yoga's therapeutic and joyous benefits. MORE

Course Objectives

  • Helps open tight, closed hips

  • Fosters greater flexibility

  • Encourages greater mobility to prevent injury

  • Helps prevent and relieve low back pain caused by tight hips and too much sitting

  • Strengthens weak hip muscles and stretches chronically tense hip muscles

  • Increases ability to perform more difficult yoga poses

What do you get when you choose a practice course?

  • A 30-day plan designed to get you from where you are now to the end goal

  • A calendar of scheduled work/rest days

  • Weekly asana sequence videos to guide you through that week’s practice

  • A PDF of each asana sequence written out so you can follow along with the video and then use for self-guided practices

  • Suggested modifications and instruction on how to use props to minimize the risk of injury

  • Ability to ask questions via email and social media

  • Opportunity to interact on social media with others following the same course

  • A PDF highlighting a common misalignment of discomfort and how to modify accordingly

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is Four Weeks to Happy, Healthy Hips?

The cost of the course is $65, but is being offered at an introductory 40% off, which makes it only $39!! But hurry, that price will only be offered for a limited time.

2. When does the course begin?

This course is available on-demand and can be accessed via the Yoga Libre website immediately after purchase.

3. What if I cannot keep up with the weekly coursework?

No problem! The courses are designed so that students can work at their own pace. If you’d like to do the Week 1 practice for two or three weeks before moving on to Week 2, that’s just fine. Feel free to experience the course on the timeline that works best for you. The material is yours to keep, and your access will not expire.

4. Do I need any special computer capabilities to access the coursework?

You’ll need internet access to view the videos and join the special Facebook Group. Printable PDF’s are available to view/print if desired.

  • Access your courses with a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Take your courses when you want, where you want. Your access never expires.

  • Interactive content via a special Facebook Group is optional. 

5. Will there be other course offerings that focus on more than hips?

You bet! I’m currently working on courses to address many types of poses and anatomical areas. Have you always wanted to do a split or nail a forearm balance? Would you love to be able to do an Asian Squat or sit in a lotus position without pain? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to lower from plank to caturanga with ease? Below is a list of some potential future courses. 


  • Inching Safely into a Split

  • Neck & Shoulder Relief

  • Mastering a Forearm Balance

  • Yoga for Upper Body Strengthening

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Yin Yoga


Don’t see a topic you want? Email me and suggest a course topic! 


6. If you’re having problems and would like to have me contact you, please email me at

Course Outline

Week 1

Get an introduction to and practice poses that will take your hips through their entire range of motion. Get an explanation of how to modify poses and use props so that this practice can work for people of all ages and abilities. This 22-minute practice can be done 3-5 days in the week. 

Week 2

Build on Week 1’s gains by continuing to challenge and lengthen tight hip muscles. Get an introduction to the concept of active and passive stretches and the benefits of each type. This 18-minute practice can be done 3-5 days in the week. 

Week 3

Continue to learn more about your amazing and unique body. Expand your practice to incorporate more challenging hip-focused poses. Become more skillful in determining which poses to do actively and which are good candidates for a more passive approach. This 23-minute practice can be done 3-5 days in the week. 

Week 4

Revel in your new abilities and understanding of your body! Learn to maintain your well-deserved progress. This 30-minute practice can be done 3-5 days in the week. From here, you can now determine your next yoga goal and segue to a new or additional focus to add to your home practice.

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